Friday, October 29, 2010

Up dates but nothing exciting.

1) We traveled down to Linda's parents last weekend because Dad took Mom to the emergency room. Since they only have a land line and their answering machine does not work well, we loaded the camper and drove down so that we could find out the scoop. The hospital staff could find nothing wrong and she was sent home. We stayed the night in the camper and then drove home on Sunday. We still have no idea what was wrong with Linda's mother.

2) Kobi got out of the back yard and was caught by animal control. It cost us $46 and he had to spend the night in the pound, but all is back to normal today.

3) I am attending a conference in Missoula, Montana and have been enjoying it, but wish Linda was here. I miss her very much. I also miss the dog, but not as much.

That is the end of October report, life goes on and I wish we could sneak way to the warm weather.

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Merri and Steve said...

Dean glad to hear all is well. Hopefully mom will keep improving and this will all be a memory.

As for the warm weather...I'd be more than happy to send some your way. I'm completely done with 97º this late in the year. Another shorts and t-shirt halloween!

Kobi ~ time to man up! You play you pay in the clinker, LOL!!! Bail was expensive!