Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

The Halbhuber clan hit Post Falls today for Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad arrived at about 1:00 pm and then within fifteen minutes brother Jeff and his family filed in. We cooked a turkey with dressing, mashed potato's and gravy, beans with mushrooms and almonds, and a wonderful salad. We topped it all off with cherry pie and pumpkin pie and then we settled in to sleep and watch basketball. I tried to take a video of everyone but it didn't work quite right. I messed up some how and only caught the shots below.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Camper Project Winter Coming

This weekend we had a break in the weather and I had a chance to get the final touches on putting the camper to bed for the winter. Project one was to cover the solar pannels. Last year I worried every time we had snow. At one time we had almost two feet on top of the camper. I got up on top of our Snow River and measured the pannels. Then I was off to Home Depot.

The first guy that approached and asked if I needed help went the extra mile for me. He looked over my measurements and grabbed everything I needed. Then we walked back to the saws and he cut everything to size for me. What a great deal, all I had to do was stand there.

I drove home and assembled the covers. During the process I had to make a few cuts, but that made the project a bit funner. The final products were just what the doctor ordered.

I then spent an hour cleaning the bugs off the front of the camper. That wasn't to bad of a job and the surface looks great.

Finally I covered everything with a blue tarp to keep the worst of the weather off. By that time I was pooped and ready to come inside and rest my feet. We took Kobi to the Stinky park and played chuck-it and that was the end of the weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

51 in 08!

Sunday night I worked in the camper fixing the stereo system. Somehow the wires got messed up and we didn’t have sound coming out of one of the speakers. I worked to fix the problem by mending the wires I thought were the problem, but in the end I just cut all the wires and reconnected them following the diagram on the DVD unit. It worked out much better and I was able to finish the project with no real hassles.

By working in the camper it reminded me that we were done with our little home for the season. It is winterized and almost completely ready for the three months that we put it to bed. This weekend I will wash the exterior and cover it, of course that is only if the weather allows.

It’s sad to put the place away. I counted the nights that we used it this year and came up with about 51 nights last season. We stayed at some great places Heyburn State Park, Steamboat Rock State Park, Bell Bay, Priest Lake, Shoshone Creek, Coeur d’Alene River, Freeman Creek Campground on the Dworshak Reservoir, Grand Staircase-escalante National Monument and in the driveways of Linda’s parents and our home.

It was the year of the Dog you know. Linda and I talked about how we would not be able to do as much as years prior due to Kobi being added to our family. In fact we were only able to make one trip down on the Lower Salmon River this year; usually we get two or three in during the season. But we have enjoyed that little hound so much this summer that it was all worth it. Next year we will have no excuses for not getting out.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Doldrums

We have entered the fall doldrums, a time where we have winterized our camper and are waiting for our annual trip to Mexico. What makes it so hard is that two of our good friends left for Mexico City today. We have always wanted to see that area of Mexico, but we will just have to wait.

In the doldrums, anyone who reads this blog will be forced to view blog entries that have very little to do with our travels. It will be much like the months leading to the nation's elections, I will post items that you probably don't want to see, like the political commercials.

Here is my first of such items. Friday was Halloween, I went running with my Hash group in Spokane. I looked like this:

Very Fitting wouldn't you say?